• Litecoin’s active and new addresses have decreased in the past few weeks.
• Funding rate has been showing mixed signs, signaling traders grappling with uncertainty regarding Litecoin’s trajectory.
• Halving excitement has faded as on-chain activity wanes and traders grapple with uncertainty.

Litecoin’s Halving Buzz Fades

Litecoin is gearing up for its halving event, but the buzz around it is fading. In recent days, the number of active and new addresses on the network have taken a downturn. Additionally, there is a mixed sentiment among traders as Litecoin’s funding rate oscillates between negative and positive values.

Active Addresses & New Addresses

Before Litecoin’s halving event, two metrics – active addresses and new addresses – showcased the vibrant on-chain activities that the network was experiencing. These metrics were clear indicators of users’ enthusiasm and hinted at a potential uptrend following the halving, however this has not come to fruition as both metrics have decreased in the past few weeks. Daily new addresses that once ranged between 300,000 – 200,000 around 17th & 18th June eventually dropped to 100,000 range in July while active addresses that peaked at 400,000 in June has dwindled to just 200,000 recently. Although there was a slight increase at the time of writing for both metrics they still remain low compared to pre-halving levels indicating waning enthusiasm within the community.

Mixed Funding Rate

According to data from Coinglass , market sentiment surrounding Litecoin was rather mixed as its funding rate oscillated between negative and positive values despite positive funding gaining prominence. This signals that traders are uncertain about what direction LTC will take after its halving event which adds further uncertainty to an already volatile situation.

Anticipated Post-Halving Effect Diminishing?

The post-halving effect which was once anticipated to bring positive trends for LTC now faces uncertainty due to waning enthusiasm within the community as well as traders‘ indecision about what direction LTC will take post-halveing. It remains unclear whether this trend will continue or if something else may cause an increase in activity before or after the halveing takes place but one thing is certain: The future of LTC post-halveing remains uncertain for now until more clarity can be brought about by further developments in this area.


Despite waning interest from investors towards Litecoin’s upcoming halveng event it still holds some hope as it gains momentum amidst mixed sentiments from traders who are undecided about its trajectory post-halveing . Only time will tell whether or not these trends hold true or if something else causes an unexpected change in activity before or after Litecoin’s halveng takes place .

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