Forbes and crypto fund manager Anthone Pompliano singled out the various prominent figures and players in the crypto community.

Some people, like Caitlin Long and Catherine Wood, have been praised for their work.

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s economic stimulus efforts have been dubbed a $ 3 trillion marketing campaign for Bitcoin.

On December 26, the world-renowned business magazine Forbes launched its annual cryptocurrency securities discounts.

The Cryptocurrency Awards 2020 showcase the products, trends, and people who impacted the cryptocurrency environment during the year. “Not everyone will be happy to be on the list,” the editors said. The magazine hosted the securities handover with crypto fund manager Anthony Pompliano .

Square: best product

Forbes and Pompliano awarded Square and its cash app the top prize for best product. They noted that the introduction of Bitcoin into its ecosystem was an important factor for the company’s $ 1.6 billion in revenue in Q3 2020. For critics, the important thing is how Square presented to one. broad public reasons for using Bitcoin.

Ark Invest: exceptional company

The Outstanding Company Award goes to Ark Invest and its CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Catherine Wood. Mr Pompliano said: “She was right. She was right on many points ”.

Caitlin Long: Innovation pertubatrice

In the “good job if you get the concept” category, Forbes and Pompliano chose Caitlin Long for the Disruptive Innovation Award. Ms Long, who had led Morgan Stanley’s pension advisory group, then switched to cryptocurrency.

In the US state of Wyoming , where she lives, Caitlin Long helped draft crypto-friendly banking regulations. When the laws she helped draft were passed, she opened a company and got one of the state’s first Bitcoin banking charters. Pompliano appreciates the initiatives of this boss.

Michael Saylor: most intriguing newcomer

It takes a special company to buy as long as Bitcoin that Citi comes to downgrade it. This is what happened to MicroStrategy after CEO Michael Saylor took the company from zero Bitcoin to $ 475 million in five months. According to Pompliano, “there is no cover in the way he talks about it; there is no redemption ”.

Embarrassing titles

The editor’s warning at the beginning of the article is not without merit. Some titles are humiliating to say the least.

Balance: The year is horrible

In the event that someone was considering gifting their children a purebred puppy from the US Federal Regulator for Christmas, Forbes and Pompliano would likely point to Libra’s fate as the reason for preferring a friendly Labrador over her.

Pompliano noted that the entire market has essentially “… underestimated the speed and power of regulators and governments when deciding to attack”.

The reaction of the US government to the first description of Libra was to ask Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, to come to the headquarters of the US government to explain himself. The donors then fled. The current version of Libra is a watered down stablecoin that could even survive the “Apocalypse” of the Stable Act .

Jerome Powell: Forbes Personality of the Year

The panel understands that the chairman of the US Federal Reserve worked to prevent the US economy from collapsing when COVID-19 hit the United States. Pompliano called the result a “$ 3 trillion marketing campaign for Bitcoin”.

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