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• Digital asset investment products saw inflows of $136 million last week, bringing the third consecutive week of positive flows to $470 million.
• Bitcoin [BTC] accounted for 98% of the total inflows and posted a net inflow YTD of $290 million.
• Ethereum [ETH] logged inflows that totaled $2.9 million, but have only marginally benefitted from improved investor sentiment.

Digital Assets Report: Inflows Surge Despite Crypto Market Stagnation

Steady Inflows Push Year-To-Date Figures into Positive Territory

Leading coins BTC and ETH logged inflows last week despite an overall lull in trading turnover. According to digital assets investment firm CoinShares, this pushed the year-to-date figures into positive territory with a net inflow of $231 million.

Bitcoin Takes The Lead

For the third consecutive week, Bitcoin [BTC] remained “the focus amongst investors” as it posted inflows totaling $133 million last week – accounting for 98% of total inflows recorded during that period. This brought its assets under management (AuM) valued at $25 billion, and a net inflow YTD of $290 million – reversing a previous 9 weeks streak outflow position of $171 million three weeks ago.

Ethereum Records Inflows With Limited Benefits

The leading altcoin Ethereum [ETH] posted inflows that totaled $2.9 million; however, CoinShares noted that the coin “has only marginally benefitted from improved investor sentiment” which accounts for just 0.2% of total assets under management (AuM). Short-Bitcoin investment products saw an outflow of $1.18 million last week – though it remained the second best-performing asset in terms investments YTD at 58$million according to data from the report .

Seasonal Effects May Be To Blame For Low Trading Volumes

Trading turnover has slowed down significantly with investment products totaling US$1bn for the week compared to US$2.5bn average in the prior 2 weeks – possibly due to seasonal effects where lower volumes are typically seen during July and August reported CoinShares .


Investors remain bullish on digital assets despite stagnating market conditions as evidenced by consistent inflows over a three-week period which has successfully reversed nine consecutive weeks outflows before it.. With Bitcoin taking center stage and Ethereum slowly yet steadily gaining traction – Seasonal effects may be behind low trading volumes but continued optimism appears to remain strong among investors