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Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity is one of the greatest mysteries in the world.

Among all the theories about who is the creator of Bitcoin, we have a new „possibility“ that has been gaining support: that Satoshi Nakamoto was an Alien and that Bitcoin was a gift to humanity.

This is a theory right out of the box and maybe even needs a tinfoil hat. But, of course, it started gaining popularity in Reddit, where several conspiracy theories gain a lot of strength.

In a post published in a blog about ufology, the author gives his opinion about the possibility that the creator of Bitcoin Future is not only an alien, but an entity that has already transcended the biological state.

For him, the theory that the blockchain was the creation of an advanced society makes sense, after all, Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared from the map without leaving any sign and until today has not moved his almost 1 million Bitcoins valued at about $ 40 billion.

„The most interesting reason to theorize that the Bitcoin whitepaper was a gift from an advanced civilization is that the author currently holds the key to a fortune of over 1 million Bitcoins, but has never tried to sell it“.

For the author of the text, what happened is that Satoshi „came“ to Earth, gave us the blockchain and Bitcoin as a tool to advance our civilization, and then he left so that we could decide what to do with this gift.
Satoshi would be a non-biological alien and an „artificial intelligence“.

The theory starts from the principle that there are supposed to be advanced civilizations that have transcended the biological condition and are almost like beings of light.

These beings then began to scan the Internet to find the tools needed to create blockchain technology.

When technologies like cryptographic hash, merkle trees and other Bitcoin foundations were available, this civilization created the persona of Satoshi Nakamoto, who was added to the cypherpunk mailing list where Bitcoin’s history began to gain strength.

„The advanced civilization created Satoshi’s persona and simply joined the mailing list, he then connected all the dots using the whitepaper, so that the community could create [the Bitcoin] alone“.

To give more support to this theory, which we believe is crazy, the theorist also uses the original Bitcoin code as a basis.

Although praised, the original code of digital currency had to be adapted and changed by the community, and to this day it is, always with the aim of making the protocol better.

The article argues that the original code of cryptomeda „was written by an intelligent programmer, but who had not learned to program using traditional methods.

This indicates that, as an artificial intelligence, Satoshi would have created the code based on non-traditional Internet information, so that the community would later unite to develop the currency.

„Analysts said the code seems to have been written by a developer who was intelligent but who hadn’t learned to program through traditional means.

In fact, almost nothing of the original code written by Satoshi exists in Bitcoin today (…) Artificial intelligence created a simple code, and when humanity seemed ready to continue its work, it disappeared“.

And why would aliens give us Bitcoin?

Continuing with the theory, according to the author, the aliens would have given us this new technology to take a new giant step in our evolution, besides, of course, solving part of our problems with energy consumption.

The article highlights that Bitcoin is a technology that depends a lot on electricity and has created a great demand for this resource, increasing concerns about global warming and the use of non-renewable resources.

But, for the author, the plan of advanced civilization is that we develop Bitcoin in a way to use this energy more efficiently to eventually improve our consumption and relationship with the environment.

„The practice of using intelligent contracts, which can put this tremendous amount of computational power (and energy) to solve real world problems, is evolving. Satoshi has given humanity a powerful distributed computing system that can be used for almost anything and in time may solve some of our greatest problems“.

Bitcoin’s energy expenditure and its relationship with humanity’s evolution is a very interesting subject that has been discussed by the community for some time.

Incredible as it may seem, many point to blockchain as a solution to several problems faced in energy consumption. Not only that, but the expenditure of energy is directly linked to the evolution of humanity, according to The Kardashev Scale.

In addition, there is already speculation about the use of Bitcoin outside the Earth, and we are advancing.