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Can you still remember December 2017? In that month, the Bitcoin had reached its all-time high. Almost 20,000 US dollars had to be paid for one Bitcoin. A lot has changed since then. More and more investors want to invest in cryptocurrencies because they have recognised the potential in them.

Even if this all-time high has not been held for a long time, Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are still a good choice when it comes to investing money. And that will not change in the future. In connection with the hype on cryptocurrencies, another trend has also emerged. Namely, the use of trading bots when it comes to trading this particular financial investment. Because only those who allow technical support can also be successful when trading with cryptocurrencies. One of the technical support is the trading bot of Bitcoin Up. We would like to explain in more detail how this works and why its use makes so much sense. We used for our research.


What is Bitcoin Up?

Surely you have heard of automated trading software. Bitcoin Up is such an automated trading software. This software helps you to analyse the market and make decisions for your investments. These are positive decisions that maximise your profits and ensure that you don’t lose the joy of trading Bitcoins and other currencies.

For this success, the trading software uses modern algorithms that can analyse the entire market in real time and enable success for your trade. Several million investors work with trading bots like Bitcoin Up. They are all enthusiastic and know that using such software is always worthwhile.

Features and functionality

Key figures

Who is behind Bitcoin Up?

When it comes to trading software, people like to keep quiet about the inventor. So there is no name behind Bitcoin Up. At least not officially. Bitcoin Up maintains partnerships with a wide variety of reputable and regulated brokers. If you decide to use this trading bot, you decide for security and for fair and optimised trading with cryptocurrencies. The developers and maintainers of this trading software are all experts in their field. Only in this way is it possible to bring such a trading software to the market and make it so successful.

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Opinions about Bitcoin Up

If you ask investors who work with Bitcoin Up, they are usually enthusiastic about the software. They usually spend only a few minutes a day to promote the trade. The software takes care of the rest. And very successfully at that. Profits of varying amounts are already a reality on the first day of trading. And those who trade regularly and get to grips with the topic of cryptocurrencies can earn very good money with it. Even in the long run and without much prior knowledge.

Advantages and disadvantages


– Bitcoin Up can be used free of charge and without obligation
– there are no additional fees for registration or use
– The platform is user-friendly and can be individually adapted.
– The win rates are very high, averaging 88% of all trades.
– Winnings can be paid out immediately
– Bitcoin Upist is compatible with all mobile browsers and can therefore also be used on smartphones and tablets.


The cryptocurrencies that can be traded with Bitcoin Up are limited. However, the selection is so good that it should suit every investor. Just give it a try. You will be thrilled.


The market for cryptocurrencies is very complex and confusing. If a trading software like Bitcoin Upz is used, then the software takes over the analysis of the market and thus helps to maximise profits around the trade. An effective and goal-oriented use of Bitcoin Up is therefore always given. The modern software works quickly, seriously and securely. We would therefore definitely recommend Bitcoin Up.