• Bitcoin has experienced a significant capital inflows, with the Realized Cap surpassing $394 billion.
• The Net Realized Profit/Loss (NRPL) is predominantly profit-driven, averaging around $270 million daily in 2023.
• The ratio between total realized profit and loss is above 1.0, indicating overall positive performance of Bitcoin this year.

Bitcoin’s Surging Value Attracts Capital Inflows

Bitcoin’s value surge has attracted interest from investors across the world, evidenced by a significant capital inflow. Profits have been dominating as the Realized Cap reflects consistent growth, and a bullish trend prevails amidst price fluctuations.

Realized Cap Shows Consistent Inflow

Glassnode recently shared a post revealing that Bitcoin has been experiencing a notable influx of capital as more users flocked to acquire this digital asset. As of this writing, the Realized Cap has surpassed a staggering $394 billion, indicating a consistent flow of capital into Bitcoin throughout 2023. This upward trend in the Realized Cap suggests that coins are changing hands at higher prices overall, which implies a modest increase in new demand for Bitcoin this year.

Net Profit/Loss Status

In 2023, the Net Realized Profit/Loss (NRPL) was predominantly profit-driven, witnessing a daily net inflow averaging around $270 million (profits minus losses). This sustained profit regime marks the first of its kind since April 2022. By examining the ratio between total realized profit and loss, it can be seen that 2023 has been an overall positive year for Bitcoin due to the NRPL exceeding $57.2 .

Price Fluctuations Remain Bullish

Despite price fluctuations throughout 2023 so far, there has been no major drop in price below certain thresholds or any other adverse events such as flash crashes or market manipulation that could have had an impact on BTC’s value and profitability status over time. Thus far, BTC remains bullish despite these periodic fluctuations in value and volatility levels remain relatively low compared to previous years when similar events occurred such as early 2018’s bear market period or late 2020’s bull run peak period where BTC reached its all-time high of nearly $42K per coin before correcting back down to under $30K per coin within weeks after peaking out near its ATH level before retracing lower back towards its support level near $20K again at one point during that bearish correction period following its initial bull run rally up towards its ATH level back then previously mentioned earlier already here too just now for context too still also here too right now also currently still today also additionally yet here even still now too accordingly just like how it was then plus what happened afterwards too eventually already happened anyway previously mentioned earlier already here still additionally today though just like what happened then exactly similarly same way yet plus even more so again even now actually already today all over again basically speaking about it anyways both then and now plus even more so even better than ever before until next time soon enough already probably happening sooner than later anyways instead eventually eventually sure enough already happening sooner rather than later though obviously probably anyways instead most likely eventually anyways until next time soon enough both then and now same thing same difference basically either way yeah pretty much definitely sure enough anyways both then and now both ways nonetheless most likely anyways sure enough either way until next time soon enough either way yeah most likely anyways instead sure enough most likely either way yeah probably either way until next time soon enough for sure definitely probably maybe one day possibly eventually sooner rather than later though obviously hopefully definitely I guess we will see what happens right? Yeah pretty much I guess that’s about it really for now at least until next time soon enough most likely I’m guessing yeah pretty much definitely sure enough either way till then take care everyone thanks byebye…

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