• Arbitrum released over 12% of its ARB supply through an AirDrop.
• As per Delphi Digital’s Twitter thread, the majority share (43%) was allocated to the DAO Treasury.
• Arbitrum outperformed its competitors GMX and Optimism [OP] in several key metrics.

Arbitrum AirDrop

Arbitrum recently completed its latest AirDrop on 23 March, increasing the network’s newly launched token’s circulating supply. As per Delphi Digital’s Twitter thread, Arbitrum AirDropped over 12% of its supply, which accounted for 1.275 billion ARB tokens. The majority share (43%) was allocated to the DAO Treasury, with 27% going to the team and advisors and the rest being sent to Arbitrum DAOs, individual wallets and investors.

Outperforming Competitors

Delphi Digital’s tweet also mentioned the state of Arbitrum compared to its competitors such as GMX and Optimism [OP]. GMX has processed over $93 billion in volume since its inception on Arbitrum and has recently hit all-time highs in TVL; however, this growth plateaued over recent days according to DeFiLlama data. On the other hand, Arbiturm showed positive momentum as it outperformed Optimism in several key metrics by a large margin.

ARB Token Value

As ARB tokens entered circulation after their Airdrop, their value was determined by market forces on exchanges like Uniswap and Hotbit; at time of writing 1 ARB is worth approximately $0.50 USD or 0.00000924 BTC – a significant increase from pre-AirDrop prices of $0.30 USD or 0.00000566 BTC respectively..

Scam Losses

Unfortunately due to a scam that occurred shortly after the AirDrop took place, some users were affected by losses when attempting to purchase ARBs from an unverified source; one user reported losses totaling around $50k USD worth of tokens stolen from them through this fraudulent activity..


In conclusion, despite falling victim to a scam shortly after release, overall demand for ARB tokens remains strong as users continue purchasing them from trusted sources; these tokens have seen tremendous growth since their introduction into circulation via Airdrop with current prices being significantly higher than those before it took place – making it a prime example of how decentralization can benefit cryptocurrency networks moving forward into 2021 and beyond!

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